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Paints for impregnation of wood

 is a special preparation for use of wood before the occurrence of weather conditions, fungi, mold and insects. They are used to extend the durability of wood and remove its damage. The impregnation is available in liquid form and is intended to be applied by brush, roller or spray. Before laying, it is necessary to thoroughly clean and level the wood surface and remove old layers or varnish.

Wood impregnation how to use?

The impregnation is applied to the wood in one or more layers, depending on the need for use and protection required for the wood. For wood paint (impregnation) to be effective, it must be applied spread and thoroughly massaged into the wood structure. After applying the impregnation, allow the wood to dry according to the manufacturer's instructions. Impregnations are available both for wood, such as terraces, fences and garden furniture, and for interior wood, such as furniture or wooden stairs. It is worth renewing the sealers regularly to protect the wood and its coverage on the device.